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Alien UFO abducting a cow?

It does seem in this video, if it’s not a hoax.

This is a pure X-Files case. Fox Mulder used to claim that he, and his sister perhaps, was abducted by the aliens. Nobody believed him. At least the cow has some documented evidence now.

But why a bovine being? Perhaps they’re taking samples from every species and they must have already beamed up some humans. Or they simply want some fresh milk which is hard to get these days.

She really didn’t like it?

This woman from Nagpur was raped by a man she thought was her husband. And this happened while her husband was sleeping in the same room. The husband was sleeping on a cot and the wife was sleeping on the floor (this is often the sleeping arrangement in most of the villages); of course Nagpur is not a village.

While they were sleeping the intrepid intruder broke open the lock and quietly lay beside her and started playing around. He had a nice session with the unsuspecting lady while she lay there quietly, thinking that it was her husband. After the quality time all of a sudden she divined that the body rubbing against her was stockier than her husband’s, and hence she raised an alarm.

Maybe this really was an identity problem but could she really not feel the difference while the real thing was happening and only felt it when the lucky guy was taking some well-earned rest after having hit the carnal jackpot? The nightly Casanova must have mounted her and entered her and all the while she couldn’t make out it was some other bird pecking at her cherries? Hard to believe.

Anyway, when she screamed the husband woke up and the surreptitious lover had to flee. He must have sung on his way Bade be-abru hokar tere kunche se hum nikle (I left your doorstep quite heartbroken). Oh, and the poor husband, I’m sure he’s either going to get rid of his cot or going to buy a bigger cot for both of them.

Gestapo Publishing

I just read on the garam masala packet that the packet was published by the “Gestapo Publishing Company, Jaipur”. The owner must be a great Hitler fan :-).