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Shoe thrown at P. Chidambaram

I guess that Iraqi journalist was a trendsetter. Taking inspiration from him a Dainik Jagran journalist Jarnail Singh threw his shoe at P. Chidambaran when Chidambaran refused to talk further about the clean chit given by the CBI to the two main accused of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, Jagdish Tytle and Sajjan Kumar. In his typical suave style he tried to bully the journalist and got a shoe hurled at him for the chutzpah.

Shoe thrown at P. Chidambaran

Jarnail Singh was let off in half-an-hour after questioning. Some Congress persons are saying that they are forgiving him, but the losers actually mean they have no choice due to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections (they need Sikh votes and Jarnail Singh has, deservedly, become a hero).

On his death bed, he wanted a blowjob from Cameron Diaz

Update: Well, apparently, this story is not just fake but a multiply repeated fake. Some person conducted a scholarly search on Google for the expression “cameron diaz blowjob request” and reached my blog, and I noticed people have been writing about this saintly wish for more than 4 years now. Check this.

A 15-year-old boy, dying of leukemia, wanted the Hollywood hottie Cameron Diaz to give him a blowjob as his last dying wish. His father repeatedly called Cameron Diaz, but the response was always negative from the heartless actress.

"We wrote, we rang, we faxed," Mr Morten explained. "And every time it was the same answer: ‘Sorry, Ms Diaz is currently unable to comply with your request.’ I mean, how unsympathetic can you get? We’re talking about a dying kid here! Would it kill her?"

When Diaz didnÂ’t relent, his parents also tried to contact the agents representing Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek, but nobody cooperated. What times! A dying kid canÂ’t even have a damn blowjob these days from a celebrity.

This is what the father of the boy said after the boy had died:

"Who do they think they are, these women!" railed Mr Morten. "They earn millions of dollars and swan about at fancy parties, but when they get a simple request to bring a smile to a young boy far less fortunate than them, they turn their back on you. What kind of world do we live in when a dying teenager can no longer get his cock sucked by a celebrity?"

Well, food for thoughtÂ…what would have you done had you been one of the celebrities? How should his parents have reacted? What if Mother Teresa were alive and he had showed an inclination towards having a blowjob fromÂ…

Oh, in case you think IÂ’m making this up.