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Big Boss 3 to include one of the viewers – what about accessibility?

Yesterday both my wife and I were watching the opening episode of Big Boss 3 on Colors and in the end when Amitabh Bachchan announced that someone among the viewers may be invited to live in the house among the 13 present guests, my wife suggested that I should try. “The sort of guru ghantaal you are, you might even win.” The prize this time is 10 crore. “They’ll have to make the entire house disabled friendly,” I replied and we both laughed. “Then if they refuse you can sue them for Rs. 100 crores,” she said.

Got me thinking. When they announced, did they even in their wildest dreams think that a visually, hearing or physically challenged person may take part in the contest and win? Why leave mentally challenged? Well, I didn’t include this category because some of the contestants already seemed…

In a totally inclusive society that would be taken care of. I’ll welcome feedback from my friends living in the first world countries where disability laws are quite inclusive and stringent but what about such reality programs there? Would they include a disabled person if such a case scenario arises, and can they be persecuted if they are unable to make provisions?

When it comes to accessibility and inclusiveness my opinion is that it’s more about minority and majority than disability. A majority community is always, traditionally, insensitive towards the problems faced by the minority community. Among thousands of people, you come across just one or two persons who require assistive adjustments on the staircases, bathrooms and shopping counters. That’s why they’re “adjustments” and not a part of the architecture, the way it should be. It took a Stephen Hawking to visit India and sensitize the government about making Taj Mahal wheelchair accessible, although of late some NGOs have been doing stellar job at making other tourist places accessible, including Qutub Minar.

Coming back to Big Boss 3, I think such shows can revolutionize the concept of inclusive society if by default they keep the format of the program in such a manner that anybody can participate, irrespective of his or her abilities and disabilities.