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What is the Enemy Property Act 1968?

Although the name “Enemy Property Act” sounds a bit ominous, it means all the properties left behind by people who migrated to Pakistan and China forfeit their rights to the properties and these properties should not belong to the government of India.

As this Swarajya link explains, the Enemy Property Act, 1968, was enacted by the government of India after the Chinese invasion in 1962 and the war with Pakistan in 1965.

Lots of Pakistani, Chinese and Bangladeshi citizens who moved to these countries from India left behind their properties (of course, they couldn’t take them).

Right now there are over 16,000 such enemy properties left behind and they are worth 1.1 lakh crores according to some estimates.

When they left for these countries, all the movable and immovable assets came under the guardianship of the “custodian” that is, the State.

Properties left behind by Indians in Pakistan were taken over by the Pakistani government without any brouhaha, unlike in India where communal politics, primarily championed by the Congress party, doesn’t allow this bill to be enforced. The properties are still disputed and the government of India hasn’t still been able to take over.

In Pakistan, people who had to leave their properties, could neither sell the properties nor exchange them. Further, Pakistan promulgated the Evacuee Property Ordinance (1949), even the property belonging to an individual who stayed back in Pakistan but his distant relatives migrated to India, got marked as “evacuee property”.

Pakistan, China and Bangladesh all have been able to settle their enemy property disputes within their borders and have been able to use those properties for whatever.

India on the other hand, still has been struggling.

The above Swarajya link mentions the case of the kin of Pakistan’s 1st Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan who has claimed his right over half of the Muzaffarnagar city. Another person claims nearly one-third of Agra and the “disputed” land also covers the Taj Mahal.

Why can’t the Indian government pass the Enemy Property Bill?

Of course, the Congress thinks the Muslims will get offended.

Some things never change.


They only understand one language

This message I received in WhatsApp and it is obviously addressed to the “liberals” and the journalists who have an ear for only “communal-sounding” statements from Narendra Modi. First, here is the English translation of the message that I got (it’s in Hindi):


When he said “Digital India” you didn’t understand
When he said “Make in India” you didn’t understand
When he said “Start-up India” you didn’t understand
When he talked about the “Jhan-dhan yojna” you totally didn’t understand
When he talked about “demonetization” you didn’t get it

And then just once he talks about “shamshaan aur kabristan” you immediately understand

So, from now onwards, he is going to talk only what you understand


It’s a gripping reflection of our reality. Our news media, our intellectuals, the so-called liberals, they are so deeply entrenched in the politics and sociology of communalism that they can see nothing beyond that.

If you hear this portion of the speech by Narendra Modi, it’s up to you to understand how you perceive it. If you feel giddy about the fact that Modi has mentioned “Muslim and Hindu” and hence, he is giving a communal speech, well, then, nothing can be done, and you can perceive this statement as communal. In fact, I’m pretty sure people like you have been waiting like vultures for him to utter “Muslim and Hindu” in the same sentence so that you can cry “communal”.

I think in the name of minority appeasement, lots of shit has been going on in the country and it’s high time someone called a spade a spade. In fact, Modi had been losing his grip over the stark reality of the country and had been trying to turn into another “chacha”. Read Chacha Returns – 2 by Mediacrooks.

Many states have special privileged schemes and financial aids for Muslims but not for Hindus. Hindu festivals are cancelled lest they offend delicate Muslim sensibilities. For vote bank politics, even the exodus of Hindus is being constantly swept under the carpet.

Once Manmohan Singh said that Muslims must have first claim to our national resources, and that was a secular statement. But when Modi says that people from all religions must be treated equally, he is playing with communal politics. If you want to experience perverted secularism, spend some time listening to our leftist… anyway, what to call them? I don’t want to use words like liberals, intellectuals, journalists, for them.

With this speech, whether given for political gain or whatever, he has brought a simmering issue to the front.

Besides, what’s wrong in demanding equal treatment for all religions?


Why isn’t Narendra Modi taking any action against the corrupt?

During his campaign speeches in 2013 and 2014, multiple times he said that he would put corrupt politicians, especially from the ruling UPA, behind bars after coming to power. Forget about politicians, not even a bureaucrat has been arrested and put behind bars even after 3 years of the Narendra Modi government, although in every speech, he berates the level of corruption in different states that are not ruled by the BJP.

The situation is so bad that the Congress party has the temerity to stage a walkout and boycott his presence when he says that one can learn the art of bathing with a raincoat from Manmohan Singh. It’s not a secret what monumental corruption went on during the UPA rule led by the Congress. In fact, Congress and corruption have become synonymous expressions in the country. So, why hasn’t even a single politician of this most corrupt dispensation, been punished?

This article gives examples from Pakistan and Bangladesh on how even the mightiest politicians and their kith and kin often have to face jail time but in India, politicians are never punished because politicians in power don’t want to cross the line just in case…

The last straw to break the camel’s back was of course when Modi began to cozy up with the pinnacle of corruption, Sharad Pawar. Even Modi’s supporters have been quite upset over this sudden closeness.

Although the article above tries to draw parallels between different politicians and political parties, I don’t think Modi is “looking away” so that they don’t come down upon him heavily when he is out of power and they are in power (perils of democracy).

No matter how hard they tried they couldn’t tarnish him with the Gujarat riots, although an entire national and international machinery was involved in the exercise that lasted for more than a decade.

Similarly, as far as corruption goes, they won’t be able to charge him for corruption. Of course, he may try to pull a Manmohan Singh by letting his party run amok while remaining clean personally, but then, Narendra Modi is not Manmohan Singh that’s for sure.

The main problem is, and many people have said this, politically and influence-wise, Modi isn’t as strong as he seems. He often talks big but in the background, he has inherited a totally tattered system. Our bureaucracy is totally corrupt. None of the institutions work properly. Politicians even from his own party are constantly working against him. People who are loyal to him can be counted on fingers. Everybody is trying to pull the rug from under him. He is constantly vulnerable.

Since all the corrupt, no matter to which political party they belong, protect each other like a herd, and since almost everybody’s connected with each other, he cannot take down people from the Congress without taking down people from the BJP and that would be a political suicide.

To do good, Modi needs to remain in power for at least a decade. He cannot go on a suicide mission.

On the other hand, he is overhauling the system that sustains corruption. Punishing the guilty would of course mean justice and it would also give some adrenaline rush to many, but he doesn’t take these things personally. By the time he goes and god forbids, somehow the Congress comes back, he will leave such a system the Congress won’t be able to exploit much.

Then it will be like in other, 1st and 2nd world countries. In those countries, no matter how corrupt politicians are, some level of development is constantly taking place. There is some semblance of civilization. For example, in America, despite corrupt and demotivated bureaucracy, their entire administrative machinery constantly works and there are automatic checks and balances. He will create something similar in India too.



China needs a solid evidence against Masood Azhar, sure

China needs solid evidence against Masood Azhar, sure

China says that if India wants China to vote for the ban of Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar, it will need to provide some solid evidence. Of course, solid evidence for China would mean an HD video of Masood Azhar blowing up places in India and running amok on the streets going crazy with his machine gun. Anything short of that it would be a “nah”.

There are 15 members in the United Nations Security Council and all but China opposed the ban on Masood Azhar. Even Saudi Arabia is on India’s side.

What’s China’s problem?

I think China’s attitude must be viewed unemotionally, keeping our history by the side. For a long time China has been a thorn in our foot and it is going to remain so because it considers India as a regional competitor. No other country in the world likes Pakistan, but just to keep India on tenterhooks, just to annoy India, just to keep it occupied so that it cannot fully concentrate on its development, China not only hobnobs with Pakistani dictators and corrupt politicians, but also protects terrorists living within Pakistan on international forums. It does that just to show Pakistan that they are chums and India is their common enemy.

Another thing is, and again I would stress that one shouldn’t weigh this fact emotionally, by nature China is a bully. Historically it has been a very philosophical, spiritual civilization, but may be due to the prolonged rein of communism, it has turned into a bully. So, it just wants to tell the world that no matter what is the international opinion, it is going to have its own say. So, come may what, it is not going to support a ban on Masood Azhar even if the entire world wants a ban on the terrorist.

So, what can India do?

In this regard, internationally, it is no use wasting time on China because in such situations, logic doesn’t work. Mollycoddling Pakistan is of strategic importance to both China and America and this reality is not going to change in the near future despite Donald Trump happening to America. All India can do is, strengthen its internal security


Who would’ve thought that we would have an Investors’ Summit in Ranchi?

Lots of progress being made in BJP-ruled states is purposely ignored by the left-dominated news media. Take for example the Investors’ Summit that was launched this Thursday in Ranchi, Jharkhand, and a promise of a Rs. 50,000 crore investment has already been made.

Whenever we heard of Jharkhand it was mostly about tribal problems, naxalism, extreme poverty and conversion. And now people are talking what business investment.

Conventional businesses can thrive only if 2 things happen: a better law and order situation and better infrastructure. These 2 attributes must be right now present in Jharkand to get a commitment of Rs. 50,000 crore from industries like Ratan Tata and Kumar Mangalam Birla.


If gurus are political, what about mullahs and priests?

Dharm gurus are always questioned, for example in this Frontline article that questions “jet set” gurus and godmen (and women) who, according to the article, “push religion into regressive identity politics” and make it into a “means of mass mobilization for political purposes”. The article has the photo of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev as the featured photo (they make sure that only a Hindu is featured, not a Muslim or a Christian).

This is one of those typical articles that are constantly written to preach Hindu gurus and saints. If they simply targeted the attitude of gurus, mullahs and priests, we could agree with them, but if they simply talk about one religion, it drips of hypocrisy and inveterate bias.

True, dharm gurus do glean massive followings and they do use their following to wield political influence. Yes, it happens. It’s been happening since time immemorial. Our great sages were also political. What’s wrong in that?

Many maulvis and mullahs instruct people whom to vote for and whom not to vote for. The same goes for Christian priests in India. Would you ever find a Christian priest urging people to vote for the BJP, for example? No.

The point is, if you don’t like the idea of god men and god women playing with politics then talk about every god man and god woman from every religion, not just Hindus. It’s getting boring now.



Is economic liberalization a curse on the poor

The poor have been here since time immemorial and so have been the rich. In the olden times they lived their separate lives unless there was some blatant exploitation.

The contemporary problem is that the lives of the poor and the lives of the rich are intertwined. This Scroll article, through the review of a book titled “Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India”, tells how black money, the money that is siphoned off from various government policies, coupled with economic liberalization, has wrecked havoc with the lives of the poor. There are some stark statistics in the article.

Whether you believe in the basic message of the article or not is not the issue, but the reality is, the poor, no matter in which country they are, these days have to bear the brunt of the progress that is mostly enjoyed by the rich. This is an inescapable reality.

Take for example mining. Most of the natural resources extracted through mining are not used for local populations but they definitely pollute the land and the water around the mining areas.

In the same manner, various industries have polluted water bodies. The rich can afford to purchase water from companies that sell clean drinking water, but the poor have to depend on the dirty, polluted water. This dirty, polluted water makes them sick, and since treatment and medicine are expensive, they either end up spending all their earnings and savings on getting treated, or they remain untreated.

The supporters of the pre-liberalization era say that before economic liberalization, at least people could afford food and medicines. How much of this is true depends on who is telling you the story.

Personally I feel the problem is not liberalization, the problem is our political class that has no will to solve basic civilian problems. But then again, blaming the political class is very convenient because after all, who chooses these politicians? We.

It’s a vicious circle. The circle can only be broken by people like us, who have the means, but sadly, since for us the stakes are not very high, we are not motivated enough.


Are big fat Indian weddings coming to a stop?

There is an impending Lok Sabha Bill that may put an end to the big fat Indian weddings. The bill has been introduced by the Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan and it has a very interesting conditionality for people planning to spend more than Rs. 5 lakhs on a wedding.

If the bill gets passed, if you spend more than Rs. 5 lakhs on a wedding, you will have to spend 10% of the amount you are spending on the wedding, on the marriage of a girl from a poor family. The name of the bill is The Marriages (Compulsory Registration and Prevention of Wasteful Expenditure) Bill, 2016 and, according to this ScoopWhoop update, it may be taken up as a private member’s bill in the upcoming Lok Sabha session.

Yes, marriages can be insane but then, it is not up to the government to tell people how much they can spend on marriages. After all, the money being spent on lavish marriages isn’t simply being burnt; it is being pumped into the economy in one form or another. People spending so much money on marriages means so much money is being put into the economy.

But of course the bill doesn’t tell you how much you can spend. It only makes you spend the 10% of the amount you are spending on the marriage, on the marriage of some poor girl. The thought is good, although I don’t believe in forcing people to involve themselves in social causes. But this can be a good beginning. Certainly deserves more thought.

Rather than making people spend money on the marriage of some poor girl, they should be encouraged to spend money on the education of a poor child, whether it’s a boy or a girl.


Delhi may have a Nirbhaya Science Museum, but her parents want her real name to be used

Actually the museum is already there. It was opened in R. K. Puram in New Delhi, in 2013, as a tribute to the 23-year-old girl who was gang raped and murdered in a moving bus the previous year.

The science musing was named “Nirbhaya Science Museum”.

At the time when agitations were going on in the city against the brutal gang rape and murder, since the name of the victim cannot be revealed, people started calling her Nirbhaya and now the girl is known by this name.

But her parents want people to know her real name.     Why should she live in anonymity? If there is a museum on her name, then it should be on her name, not on a nomenclatures temporally defined.

Totally agree.


Mukesh Ambani says that for India, Donald Trump is a blessing in disguise

And I totally agree with him. I have been saying this for a long time that if Indian tech industry stops depending on the US, we can develop our very own thriving tech industry here in India and our techies won’t have to struggle for offshore assignments. Then Americans will be looking for work visas to work in India rather than the other way around.

There are 2 reasons why I believe in this: one, as Mukesh Ambani rightly says, we have a huge market. If the tech companies start solving domestic problems, we can have mega tech companies in our very own backyard by simply providing services to our own population, and who would know this better than Reliance? Their cheap mobile phones literally changed the way people communicate with each other – even the poor – and despite selling cheap mobile phones, the company made a killing just because of India’s population.

Two, we have the talent. The tech industry in the US has been run over by Indian software programmers and engineers. Just imagine what wonders these guys and girls can work when they work in India.


People found to be supporting terrorists are terrorists

This is what General Rawat has said and many, mostly liberals, have started scurrying around like startled ants.

When the Indian armed forces are fighting pitched battles with terrorists they are often disrupted by local mobs. While they are being fired at by the terrorists, they are also subjected to stone pelting by the locals. In most of the cases, our army jawans don’t retaliate to civilian provocations but now, it seems, enough is enough.

The army chief has said that there have been even casualties due to constant interference by the local mobs. Now these mobs will be dealt with strictly if they are found to be supporting terrorists instead of the Indian Army.

Locals carrying Pakistani flags in raising antinational slogans will also be taken to task.

I think such a stand was long overdue. India as a state has been apologetic for a long time.

Does FoE mean doing country’s ma-ki-behen-ki with impunity?

Among intellectuals and liberals it has become a fashion to say everything under the sun against the country, the Army, the cultural nuances of the majority community and disparaging festivals and traditions again, of the majority community.

These proclivities would have seemed a normal behavioural pattern had they been uniform in their condemnation for the so-called “backward” practices and repressive tactics. They don’t find Pakistan repressive but defined India repressive. The don’t find Muslim and Christian festivals of offending but they find Hindu festivals offending. They want Jammu and Kashmir to go to Pakistan. They are constantly berating the Indian state while turning a blind eye to the indiscretions of the Pakistani and the Chinese governments.

This Indian express article laments the fact that “intellectuals” like Nivedita Menon of Jawaharlal Nehru University and Rajshree Ranawat of the Jai Narain Vyas University of Jodhpur are being targeted for giving anti-India speeches in front of students.

Police FIRs have been filed against them and there have been protests against such individuals.

Should the so-called intellectuals and liberals be able to say what they want to say in the name of scholarship? Yes.

But if they are going to adapt a bipartisan attitude then they must face the consequences. When they begin to choose sides instead of remaining scholarly, then they have to bear the brunt. If they start pitching one community against the other, one of the communities is going to retaliate and when communities retaliate, they don’t retaliate in a scholarly fashion. Sad, but a reality.

I wouldn’t say I’m a scholar, but I respect scholarship. I believe scholars are the backbone of every civilization. But are these scholars? This is a question that we need to answer first.

If they are going to raise accusing fingers than they can’t decide how the others are going to react. In the name of FoE they’re constantly instigating anti-India forces and they can’t expect the society to simply rant and do nothing. The repercussions for their “FoE”can be serious and they should be prepared for that. If they think that ours is a repressive state, then they are obviously being proven right, so what are they complaining about?


The Indian Express needlessly tried to create a rift between the Indian blind cricket team and Virender Sehwag

Recently the Indian blind cricket team beat Pakistan by 9 wickets and again won the T20 Blind Cricket World Cup title. To congratulate them, the former cricketer Virendra Sehwag posted a Twitter message and used the hashtag #OtherMenInBlue.

Someone at the Indian Express took it upon himself or herself to feel offended and then attribute the offense to the captain of the blind Indian cricket team Ajay Kumar Reddy.

A report in the Indian Express reported that Reddy was upset over the #OtherMenInBlue remark. The news report quoted Reddy as saying, “We wear the same blue jersey, represent the same tri-colour and play with equal pride and passion then why term us as ‘other’? It is appreciable that he congratulated us but then we are no others. We too are the men in blue.”

The good thing is that social media is here. Ajay Kumar Reddy, as reported in this OpIndia report, uploaded a video. In the video he says that he is quite upset the way media has misquoted him. He never said such a thing. You can view the video on the above link.

Further, Sehwag was simply using the official hashtag of the Indian blind cricket team. The hashtag #OtherMenInBlue also appears in the team’s official banner.

The news in itself might not be significant (or it is) but the important point is, the mainstream news organizations can no longer spread canards and other lies. Every person has access to different platforms these days and this is why our “righteous” mainstream journalists feel jittery and cry foul.

It’s so great that Reddy was able to upload his video and the world was able to know what the truth is. Aside from this, even Virender Sehwag was able to include the image of the poster in his tweet. The Indian Express reporter had to eat crow.

Shameless as they are, they still haven’t removed the article from their website.


Big congratulations to ISRO scientists

More than a year ago when India had sent its Mars orbiter the New York Times had mocked at India by publishing a cartoon showing a poor farmer knocking at the door of an elite club of scientists and bureaucrats while holding his cow. What the cartoon meant to say was that India was being extravagant while being such a poor and backward country and all the progress being made in space technology amounted to nothing.

New York Times has had to eat a humble pie now. The ISRO scientists have made a world record by launching 104 satellites into the space with a single PSLV rocket from the Sriharikota Space Centre. The previous world record was sending 37 satellites in one go and the record was made by Russia.

Why humble pie? Because 96 of the 104 satellites that were launched belonged to various US companies. The rest belonged to companies based in Israel, the Netherlands, Kazakhistan, Switzerland and the UAE.

Sending so many satellites at the same time may not involve advanced technology to carry lots of weight because these are nano satellites, but despite that, it is a great feat in the commercial satellite launching arena and the ISRO scientists deserve great congratulations.


No, I still don’t understand the Sasikala episode

What’s going on in the South? Is this the democracy we have developed so far? It seems although the South Indian states like Tamil Nadu have economically fared better compared to other states in India, in terms of political attitude, they are as feudal as the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and as destructive as West Bengal.

First, Sasikala takes ministers hostage and no hue and cry is raised by the public, the media, and even other political parties. Kidnapping and taking ministers hostage is being seen as a mere political manoeuvring. That’s one thing beyond comprehension.

The other is, after the recent SC verdict on the disproportionate assets case she is facing years of imprisonment. She is not being arrested. The police is waiting for her to surrender. She’s going to surrender at her own convenient time. Again, the TV news channels are stating this fact as something very normal. Why isn’t she being arrested? Why is the police waiting for her to surrender? How come she has grown so powerful that even the law and the judiciary have to tread carefully? This is a scary situation for the country and I don’t know why people don’t realise this. Do we live in Afghanistan where the writ of tribal lords runs large?

What’s scarier is, the peels of the deep-rooted rot are coming off layer after layer only now when we no longer have to depend on conventional news media for news updates. Now we are coming to know what sort of democracy the so-called secular and democratic parties have created in the country.