Better Quality Hindi Movies

Welcome to Sajjanput

Of late we have noticed that there has been a marked improvement in the quality of movies being made in Bollywood. Recently we have seen “Chamku”, “Welcome to Sajjanpur”, “The Wednesday”, “Kidnap” and “Rockon” and they are all exceptionally made. The quality is great and so are the scripts. The biggest problem with Indian cinema is that the scripts are never tight; they always seem to be dragging without reason. They are either senselessly violent, stupidly jingoistic and sentimental, or embarrassingly bad humored.

Contrary to that the films that I have mentioned above have very tight scripts and plots move very fast and grippingly. There are no loose ends and things don’t just happen to suit the plot. Even the acting is excellent in these movies and I really liked Imran Khan and that new extremely good-looking girl in Kidnap. These young people can really act unlike the 1990s generation. This is quite encouraging in the sense that good scripts are being accepted and welcomed and they are receiving a good response even in the theatres. I wish something similar could happen to music and singing too.

Not everything that is old is gold and I have observed that many older movies are undeservedly labeled as “classics”. They too used to have their share of stupid scripts and bimbo actors and actresses. Alka has persistently made me realize how intolerable Sharmila Tagore’s acting looks in almost every film she has done. Yesterday I noticed she sported that big bouffant hairstyle even when she portrayed a poor village woman who has just been kicked out by her philandering husband. Devanand looks like a suave model even while having to live in a sewage pipe as a pauper in one of the old songs. At least today’s actors don’t do that.