Barkha Dutt forces a blogger to take down blog post and apologize

Here’s the apology published by Chyetanya Kunte, and here is how different bloggers have responded.

I’m reproducing here a part of his unconditional apology:

Consequently, I hereby repudiate and withdraw my post dated November 27, 2008 titled "Shoddy Journalism" and, more specifically, the following allegations / statements made in the post titled "Shoddy Journalism" namely:

  • a lack of ethics, responsibility and professionalism by Ms. Dutt and NDTV Limited;
  • that Ms. Dutt and NDTV’s reporting at the scene of the Mumbai attacks during November 2008, resulted in jeopardizing the safety and lives of civilians and / or security personnel caught up in and / or involved in defending against the attacks in Mumbai in November 2008;
  • that Ms. Dutt was responsible for the death of Indian Servicemen during the Kargil Conflict.

See how cleverly he has repeated everything in the apology :-).

Here’s the image of the original post that’s present in Google cache (click to enlarge):

Original post

I think he has taken the right decision to take down the blog post because he wanted to make a point and he made it and now he is getting ample coverage. Had he been sued by Barkha Dutt and company he would have had to bear the cost unnecessarily, unless of course there were people to help him out or if he himself had enough resources. “Big-shot journalists” like M/s Barkha Dutt wouldn’t have to spend from her own pocket because the TV channel would take care of the entire hassle while she carried on with her routine job. In fact they must be having a separate legal department for such things.

About the freedom of speech thing: I think many bloggers take this too far. Freedom comes with responsibility and like any other medium, when you say something that sort of accuses another person you have to back it up with enough data and evidence and shouldn’t base your blog post on unsubstantiated facts. But of course you can refer to other reports claiming the same things and this shouldn’t be illegal. I am not writing this in support of Barkha Dutt, I’m writing this so that bloggers don’t get in such kind of tight spots. Blogging being free or cheap doesn’t mean that you can publish anything. You have to be responsible if you are publishing something and your message is being read by many people and is publicly available. Whenever you are publishing insinuations on your blog always link to the source that you are basing your insinuation upon. This way you can always say, “I didn’t say that, I simply said what he said, how would I know it is not true?”

Regarding people like Barkha Dutt trying to throttle freedom of speech, I think by attributing such expressions to journalists like her is plain stupid. Even a kid would know that she and the news channel she works for don’t care a hoot about freedom of speech. They are simply mouth pieces of the pseudo-intellectual mafia that has been screwing the country ever since…forever.

Anyway, Gaurav at his blog is compiling a comprehensive list of reactions. If you want, you can join the FaceBook groups Facebook group to protest Barkha Dutt’s bullying of Chyetanya Kunte, Facebook group that advocates taking Barkha Dutt off the air and Facebook group which nominates Barkha Dutt as the worst journalist on the planet (source Gauravonomics).

44 thoughts on “Barkha Dutt forces a blogger to take down blog post and apologize

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  2. Sumit

    Agreed, that there may have been lapses on the part of the journalist, even Barkha.

    But, the BIG question is, is the army or the police or the NSG not aware of the consequences of the information being broadcast, the proximity they give to the journalists and general public from the scene or war, crime or catastrophe, and do they not have sufficient rights or powers to stop sensitive broadcasts being made while the battle or whatever I mentioned above is still on?

    Media will try it’s best to cover stories. They may not even be aware of the harm they might be doing in the process, as has been indicated in the blogs and comments, but are the people who are actually involved in solving the problem dumb, or do they not follow any protocol?

  3. Naresh

    Barkha Dutt thinks and acts as a secularist. She acts as a modern journalist who thinks “Hinduism, Vedas, Sadhus” as backward elements in the society. For her Muslims, Christians, are real citizens of the country. Such journalist are setting mind sets of the young people and they get dragged away by their “secular news”.

    Matter of fact is , being Hindu is communal and being Muslim is secular for Ms Barkha Dutt.

    Time has come that such pseudo – secular people are dragged away and “real and new ideas” are brought.
    Being modern dosen’t mean that one should not be doing “Pujas” rather doing “namaz”.

  4. SHITCongress

    Barkha and many others are PIMPS planted by Congress in the media to dole out juicy stories beneficial to their party.

  5. Rajaguru

    Correct! she and the channel is always in the favour of muslims and the congress.

    She thinks we are one big bafoons who follow hinduism. She is taking an advantage of journalism.

    Lord Ram should save the country.

  6. Kalyan Kumar

    if barkha dutt has brought even one person guilty to book or one innocent walk free i respect her. If she has even brought any such case to lime light i respect her. Because i i havent done even this. Thank You Barkha we need more you than me.

      1. AA

        @Kalyan Kumar
        so the calculation is fixed : “At least one guilty booked OR one innocent freed” = “licence for unlimited nonsense”

  7. Ram Dev Rao Madala

    Maybe not a worthwhile point.

    NDTV’s program “The Buck Stops Here” has a name that is a misnomer. Let me tell you why – It is merely a debate show where eminent / well known people are called to discuss and air their point of view on an issue at hand. This program has no jurisprudence to provide solutions that are implemented as decided in this forum. Most of the times, there is no consensus at the debate, but a deep satisfaction that the entire issue has not been debated at depth. Mostly, this show has the participants willing to ‘pass the buck’ and less willing to ‘buck stops here’

    ‘Buck stops here’ with a person of authority willing to take responsibility of the issue and provide solution, rather than pass them up to higher authorities.

    In no way, this program show does it. So, why this name?

    Am I missing something?

  8. Sandy

    Hi all …I am really happy that people are raising their voice agains this BiT**. This women shouts out against hindus all t hye time …WTF she was pointing fingers at shiva sena and raj thakrey while mumbai was reeling under muslim terror….when Gujrat was rattled with serial bomb blasts…she was targetting the BJP state admin….All the while this bloody women never spoke against pakis or Muslims we have here…and she is credited to be one of the top jounos in India…shame on this country….

  9. rakesh mahajan

    Sorry I can not suggest burkha or for that matter any body else that they along with other women folk in their clan to go to m f hussian or any other such so called great painter and get themself painted nued and then put them in their drg rooms or offices or on their respective web sites or e mail to everybody.sorry no such suggestion from me.

    1. devanand

      Very very correctly said rakesh only than people like barkha dutt will understand how one feels when one’s sentiments are hurted.

  10. Kalpesh

    No only B(u)arkha Datt but all NDTV anchors are always doing journalism for congress and only for the muslims in the name of minority and secularism. Vinod Dua and Pranay Roy sucks really…. Boycott NDTV as much as possible.

  11. M.Shanker

    Burkha is a very lop sided person and as most think that secularism is bashing the majority community now let her read this and learn how even minded people think and express their views..
    This is a Letter to the Editor of The Hindu, from a practising Christian lady who was Professor in Stella Maris College, Chennai till recently; now settled at Baroda, regarding an Edit in The Hindu in favour of bringing back MF Hussain to India.
    ============ ==
    Dear Ram,
    I have taken time to write this to you Ram-for the simple reason that we have known you for so many years- you and The Hindu bring back happy memories Please take what I am putting down as those that come from an agonized soul. You know that I do not mince words and what I have to say I will-I call a spade a spade-now it is too late for me to learn the tricks of being called a ‘secularist’ if that means a bias for, one, and a bias against, another.
    Hussain is now a citizen of Qatar-this has generated enough of heat and less of light. Qatar you know better than me is not a country which respects democracy or freedom of expression. Hussain says he has complete freedom-I challenge him to paint a picture of Mohammed fully clad.
    There is no second opinion that artists have the Right of Freedom of expression. Is such a right restricted only to Hussain? Will that right not flow to Dan Brown-why was his film-Da Vinci Code not screened? Why was Satanic Verses banned-does Salman Rushdie not have that freedom of expression? Similarly why is Taslima hunted and hounded and why fatwas have been issued on both these writers? Why has Qatar not offered citizenship to Taslima? In the present rioting in Shimoga in Karnataka against the article Taslima wrote against the tradition of burqua which appeared in the Out Look in Jan 2007.No body protested then either in Delhi or in any other part of the country; now when it reappears in a Karnataka paper there is rioting. Is there a political agenda to create a problem in Karnataka by the intolerant goons? Why has the media not condemned this insensitivity and intolerance of the Muslims against Taslima’s views? When it comes to the Sangh Parivar
    it is quick to call them goons and intolerant etc. Now who are the goons and where is this tolerance and sensitivity?
    Regarding Hussain’s artistic freedom it seems to run unfettered in an expression of sexual perversion only when he envisages the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. There is no quarrel had he painted a nude woman sitting on the tail of a monkey. The point is he captioned it as Sita. Nobody would have protested against the sexual perversion and his orientatation to sexual signs and symbols. But would he dare to caption it as ‘Fatima enjoying in Jannat with animals’?
    Next example-is the painting of Saraswati copulating with a lion. Here again his perversion is evident and so is his intent. Even that lets concede cannot be faulted-each one’s sexual orientation is each one’s business I suppose. But he captioned it as Saraswati. This is the problem. It is Hussain’s business to enjoy in painting his sexual perversion. But why use Saraswati and Sita for his perverted expressions? Use Fatima and watch the consequence. Let the media people come to his rescue then. Now that he is in a country that gives him complete freedom let him go ahead and paint Fatima copulating with a lion or any other animal of his choice. And then turn around and prove to India-the Freedom of expression he enjoys in Qatar.
    Talking about Freedom of Expression-this is the Hussain who supported Emergency-painted Indira Gandhi as Durga slaying Jayaprakas Narayan. He supported the jailing of artists and writers. Where did this Freedom of Expression go? And you call him secularist? Would you support the jailing of artists and writers Ram –would you support the abeyance of the Constitution and all that we held sacred in democracy and the excessiveness of Indira Gandhi to gag the media-writers- political opponents? Tell me honesty why does Hussain expect this Freedom when he himself did not support others with the same freedom he wants? And the media has rushed to his rescue. Had it been a Ram who painted such obnoxious, .degrading painting-the reactions of the media and the elite ‘secularists’ would have been different; because there is a different perception/and index of secularism when it comes to Ram-and a different perception/and index of secularism when it comes to
    It brings back to my mind an episode that happened to The Hindu some years ago.[1991]. You had a separate weekly page for children with cartoons, quizzes, and with poems and articles of school children. In one such weekly page The Hindu printed a venerable bearded man-fully robed with head dress, mouthing some passages of the Koran-trying to teach children .It was done not only in good faith but as a part of inculcating values to children from the Koran. All hell broke loose. Your office witnessed goons who rushed in-demanded an apology-held out threats. In Ambur,Vaniambadi and Vellore the papers stands were burned-the copies of The Hindu were consigned to the fire. A threat to raise the issue in Parliament through a Private Members Bill was held out-Hectic activities went on-I am not sure of the nature and the machinations behind the scene. But The Hindu next day brought out a public apology in its front page. Where were you Ram? How secular and
    tolerant were the Muslims?
    Well this is of the past-today it is worse because the communal temperature in this country is at a all high-even a small friction can ignite and demolition the country’s peace and harmony. It is against this background that one should view Hussain who is bent on abusing and insulting the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Respect for religious sentiments, need to maintain peace and harmony should also be part of the agenda of an artist-if he is great. If it is absent then he cannot say that he respects India and express his longing for India.
    Let’s face it-he is a fugitive of law. Age and religion are immaterial. What does the media want-that he be absolved by the courts? Even for that he has to appear in the courts-he cannot run away-After all this is the country where he lived and gave expression to his pervert sadist, erotic artistic mind under Freedom of Expression. I simply cannot jump into the bandwagon of the elite ‘secularist’ and uphold what he had done. With his brush he had committed jihad-bloodletting.
    The issue is just not nudity-Yes the temples-the frescos in Konarak and Kajhuraho have nude figures-But does it say that they are Sita, Sarswati or any goddesses? We have the Yoni and the Phallus as sacred signs of Life-of Siva and Shakthi-take these icons to the streets, paint them -give it a caption it become vulgar. Times have changed. Even granted that our ancients sculptured and painted naked forms and figures, with a pervert mind to demean religion is no license to repeat that in today’s changed political and social scenario and is not a sign of secularism and tolerance. I repeat there is no quarrel with nudity-painters have time and again found in it the perfection of God’s hand craft.
    Let me wish Hussain peace in Qatar-the totalitarian regime with zero tolerance May be he will convince the regime there to permit freedom of expression in word, writing and painting. For this he could start experimenting painting forms and figure of Mohamed the Prophet-and his family And may I fervently wish that the media-especially The Hindu does not discriminate goons-let it not substitute tolerance for intolerance when it comes to Rahim and Antony and another index for Ram.
    I hope you will read this in the same spirit that I have written. All the best to you Ram.
    Dr Mrs Hilda Raja, Vadodara

    1. Anonymous

      Don’t u fools have anything else to do??? She is brave, impartial and whatever she is doing is on air for all to see.. u guys r underground n using fake names n id’s..

  12. Alternative Thinking

    Double standard of secular media (or vested interest) hates speech by BSP(Muslim) leader of bareli roit fame. No action, no debate by self styled secular media lynching of Varun Dandhi even after one Year.

  13. Alternative Thinking

    Secularist like abu aazmi(alleged to help terrorist) and CONGRESS Ex MLA Abdus Salam(alleged for helping terrorist) no remose, no action & no debate(by self styled secular media) double standard

  14. Alternative Thinking

    Sanjay Datt, Rahul Bhatt, Abu Aazmi, Salman Khan(Chupke Chupke), Azharuddin(Match Fixing aligation)CONGRESS MP, Abdus Salam Ex Ajamgadh CONGRESS MLA, Aftab Ansari, Mukhtaar Ansari, Ateek Ahmed on the wrong side of the law. No debate in self styled secular media double standard.

  15. Alternative Thinking

    No Action against Meghalaya CONGRESS Minister calling Women ‘vipers’ double standard, No Action, no debate by self styled secular media(self acclaimed champion of women causes).

  16. Alternative Thinking

    Derogatory words use for Indian parliamentary speaker(Dalit) by bihar CONGRESS man no remorse, no expulsion and shamelessly attacking U.P C.M(Dalit) Shows CONGRESS true Color and double standard shame on CONGRESS and on self styled secular media(Self Acclaimed champion of women causes)

  17. Alternative Thinking

    Rape by CONGRESS counselor in M.P. Shame on CONGRESS, No Debate self styled media shame on you also(Self acclaimed champion of women causes)

  18. Alternative Thinking

    Civil Rights of jammu woman are in Danger because of Congress (Traitors) No Debate less Reporting shame on you Self styled secular media.

  19. Alternative Thinking

    Nana ji Deshmukh(Witren RSS Reader & Socail worker) Donate his body to AIIM’s. No Reporting in Self Styled Secular Media they only talked about Jyoti Basu. Why So much antypathy towards Hindus by self styled secular media.

  20. Alternative Thinking

    P.M talks about inclusive growth. what is inclusive growth. Building, Roads, Hospitals, Public Utilities, Primary Schools, Universities, Or Giving Reservation(Exclusively for Muslims) is their any sane thinking.

  21. Alternative Thinking

    Congress has rude this country for most of the time muslims have voted for the congress most of the time. Sachcher Committee and Rang Nath Mishra Committee has concluded muslims are least developed. They have to ask each otheres for the answeres least they should ask for any reservation or special packages. My analysis is congress is a bad influance.

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  23. Anonymous

    I don’t think what gives these media people the rights to curtail a free citizen’s speech!!!!!

    Cause they keep polarizing the people in the name of “So Called Freedom Of Press” !!!!


    It would only stir more & more people to see the true color of these channels

  24. Anonymous

    NOTE: Everyone who would like to comment first read the post by M.Shanker 11th March 2010 at 11:30 pm Above!!!!

  25. Anonymous

    If you have scrolled down quickly read above comment by M.Shanker 11th March 2010 at 11:30 pm

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