Barak Obama Wins

Barak Obama Wins

Jubilant crowds after Obama’s victory

This, and a few more photographs from NYTimes, brought tears to my eyes not only because they symbolize the triumph of democracy and defeat of racial prejudice (to some extent) but also because I’m not going to see such images in India, where politics has totally been taken over by the mob and corrupt politicians. At the times of elections you see goons and goons-turned-politicians roaming the streets brazenly and capturing booths wherever possible, and citizens preferring to stay indoors because they don’t want to get embroiled in such a fiasco.

But I do admit that such political and social changes come from grassroots level and you cannot simply keep on blaming the corrupt politicians, the conniving mediapersons and the pseudo-secularists that perpetually support and promote such politicians and goons. The forefathers of people visible in the above photograph celebrating the victory of Barak Obama  must have suffered worst atrocities and prejudices in order to bring their generations to the present juncture.  This shows that the real change happens only when people on the streets get involved.  Simply ranting and commiserating over the state of affairs doesn’t do any good.

Ever since I have become a father I have become more sensitive towards the politics of the country and the social alterations that keep on happening.  Every development, for worse or for better is going to affect the way my child spends her life in this country or somewhere else.  The change will come when we all start worrying about our children and taking proactive steps in the real sense.

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  1. Trevor

    While I certainly welcome a President who happens to be racially diverse from what we are used to in the U.S. I do not feel that we have made an improvement by electing Barack Obama. I could be wrong, and time will tell.