Arjun Singh blames the entire Sikh community for Indira Gandhi’s Murder

Arjun Singh has really gone bonkers. After the recent gaffe in which he claimed that the Congress party was freer during the days of emergency, he has been desperate to placate the miffed chairperson by claiming his loyalty in ridiculous proportions. And during the function organized to commemorate the 17th death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, he said:

Rajiv Gandhi itne mahan vyakti the ki unhone apni ma ke hatyaron ko bhi rashtra ki mukhya dhaara mein shamil karne ka prayas kiya (Rajiv Gandhi was such a great man that he even tried to bring the killers of his mother into the mainstream). Link.

What killers was he talking about? Because if he was talking about Beant Singh and Satwant Singh (the bodyguards who assassinated Indira Gandhi) they were both hanged for the crime a long time back, and even the other conspirators were not spared. If he is not talking about them, does he mean that the entire Sikh community was to blame, and despite that Rajiv Gandhi helped the entire "murderous" community to come into the mainstream? Were the Sikhs an insolated, marginalized community before the blessing of RG fell upon it like a bolt?

Interestingly, the views of both Rajiv Gandhi and Arjun Singh cannot be disputed and if his recent statement repulses you you run the risk if negating the dastardly pogrom the party unleashed upon the community. Of course Rajiv Gandhi was so "mahan" (great) that he thought the entire community was blamable and that’s why the Congress party organized the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in which thousands of Sikhs were massacred by the Congress-instigated goons. Of course nobody was punished for the riots and in fact the ministers who actively instigated the crowds are occupying high posts in the current cabinet as a reward for their "loyalty" to the family (it sounds like the Godfather family).

Arjun’s attitude towards the Sikh community only gets re-affirmed with this statement. When I say he has gone bonkers I don’t mean he is going mad because he is making such statements, he is going mad because he is spilling the beans, he has given us a glimpse of the evil side of the party, he is showing the true nature of the party and if he is not expelled from the party for this gaffe, he really must have some strong hold over something in the party.

It’s stupid to wonder how the PM thinks of this thing.

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12 thoughts on “Arjun Singh blames the entire Sikh community for Indira Gandhi’s Murder

  1. Mai

    Please don’t get too angry with me. I know we disagree, Amrit, but I must say this: How can there be ‘blame’ for a noble and righteous act such as the execution of Mrs. Gandhi for her crimes against humanity (in the form of us Sikhs)? It seems that she and Rajiv are the only government officials who have paid for these crimes.

    And the PM is Sonia’s lapdog, her tame Sikh. He doesn’t think about this, he just wags his tail and licks her…face.

  2. Amrit Post author

    Mai, once we start condoning executions and murders there will be no limit to it. This is a mediaeval, feudal mentality. Personally I must admit I don’t feel heartbroken by the fact that both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi died terrible deaths because to be frank they paid for what they did. They both created circumstances for such terrible things to happen. But since I care for my child I don’t want her to grow in a world where people take law into their own hands and start murdering people in the name of revenge. One wrong doesn’t make the other wrong right.

    But then again different people live in different mental zones.

    And I do agree with the lapdog thing 🙂

  3. Mai

    Amrit, in most cases I would agree with you. Vigilanteism is usually to be avoided. But there are exceptions.

    How many times have I, in my life, heard, ‘Why didn’t somebody kill Hitler?’ It is generally agreed the such a killer would have been performing a public service.

    Indira Gandhi had hopes of becoming Hitler to us Sikhs. Her family, for reasons rooted in history, have a great antipathy to us. Through my research, I have come to believe that ‘Operation Shanti,’ her ‘final solution to the Sikh problem,’ was a reality. She needed to be eliminated, not only for what she had done, but for what she planned to do.

    Stopping a mass murderer is a righteous act.

    I, too, wanted my son to grow up in a nice, safe world. She put an end to that possibility.

    I’m glad we agree about the PM. 🙂

  4. gaurav

    I think Arjun Singh is too old now to think clearly. And perhaps he is little frustrated that he has been a political underachiever.

  5. Sooraj

    What a crude mentality your sikhs have. If Indira Gandhi deserved the death than you guys too deserved the aftermath.Look at what pakis did to you in 1947..its this country that accepted u with open arms…just get the hack out of here and claim Lahore and |Rawalpindi again.

    1. Country First

      What a stupid uninformed guy you are…also would you say muslims deserved gujarat riots because they burnt people in godhra?

    2. Sardar Sahab

      You should look back to mughal era, what they did to you people. You cowards can never claim an inch without The Sikhs. Read history kid.

  6. Amrit Hallan

    Hmmm…this question often comes up again and again, regarding what Pakis did to Sikhs in 1947. I’m not responding to Sooraj (I generally don’t respond to such vitriolic reaction), I’m writing it just for the clarity and healthy discussion sake.

    It seems, all of such people having this opinion, that it was only Sikhs who were driven out of Pakistan and Hindus were allowed to stay back like bosom brothers. Millions of Muslims had to migrate to Pakistan and millions of non-Muslims had to migrate to India during history’s bloodiest partition. The Hindus didn’t “embrace” the Sikhs, Nehru played a dirty game with Sikhs so that they wouldn’t ask for Khalistan back then. I’m not in favor of Khalistan because knowing Sikh politics and social dynamics any Khalistan would soon turn into an Afghanistan or Iran, but that’s a different issue. But yes, Sikhs were ready to fight for their homeland, and didn’t because they were promised an autonomous state (which, I’m sure, would have been attacked by Pakistan). I’m not a history scholar, but something shady did happen between Nehru and Master Tara Singh and consequently Master Tara Singh was assassinated.

    Anyway, that’s another thing, what I’m trying to say is that when Sikhs came from Pakistan they mostly stayed in Northern India, and especially in Panjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi, a region that historically belonged to Sikhs. They never depended on help. I’m cynical about Sikh politics, but I’m sure that as a community, no other community in India is as self-sustaining as Sikhs. Sikhs have given India much, and taken very little. Sikhs survived when their decapitated heads were sold by Muslims for 20 asharfis each and back then nobody was fighting for them.

    Regarding who deserves to die, we all have opinions; many think Modi deserves to die, Tamils thought Rajiv Gandhi deserved to die, many thought Hitler must die, the Islamics think that the rest of the world must die, and then there are some who believe Sonia Gandhi is the most vicious politician that country has. They are opinions.

    Again, regarding Sikhs deserving the aftermath, although I’m a pacifist, I think the Sikhs were not prepared which, they should have been, considering the kind of sociology we have in India (Sooraj sort of people are everywhere). I was young back then, but I still remember telling my friends that people were going to attack Sikhs. I remember telling one of my friends while boarding the school bus, that now Khalistan would be formed and our family will have to go, just as my grandparents had to move when Pakistan was formed. On TV when they were showing the AIIMS where Indira Gandhi’s body was taken, I could see a few turbans in the crowd and I remember exclaiming, “Are these people insane? They are going to be killed.” Thousands of unsuspecting Sikhs were massacred, and thousands were helped and saved by their Hindu friends and neighbors. The tragedy is, Sikhs came into being to save the Hindus from the brutalities of the Mughals; some members of the same community were targeting them.

    So yes, just as Indira Gandhi and Rajiv created circumstances for their tragic deaths, the Sikhs created circumstances for being targeted. They were caught unprepared. Wherever they put up a fight, even a couple of Sikhs chased away mobs like lambs.

    Adding more: Talking about Sikhs still sticking to their demand for a separate homeland, if they assert their rights in India they should also assert their rights in Pakistan. They are so assertive in India only because India has some semblance of democracy that Pakistan doesn’t. The holiest place in Sikhism is perhaps Nankana Sahib, and if ever Khalistan comes into existence (in some bizarre fantasy world), then Nankana Sahib must be its capital.

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