Animal Sex Guide

This link is full of tips and guidelines to having sex with animals, for instance, A Guide to Canine Sex. If you are wondering why I’m wandering in the realms of bestiality, I stumbled upon this link on Technorati and was simply intrigued. Does having sex with animals repulse you? The thought doesn’t repulse me, but I find all animals, even crocodiles, adorable, so I’m absolutely sure I’ll never feel aroused at the sight of an animal. To be frank I’m indifferent and my only concern is the animal. How does it feel? Does it consider it acceptable, pleasurable, or painful?

Let’s find out what the average visitor to this blog thinks about having sex with animals. Please caste your vote. It is totally anonymous so I’ll not find out (and I’m not even interested) who you are. I could have easily created my own polling script but by using a third-party, embeddable script I want you to feel assured that I’m not tracking your data. So here’s the poll. To discuss, please also share your thoughts in the comments section.


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