And then came the Hijras

To be frank I nurture an inveterate dislike for the Hijra (eunuch) community. Not because they are the Hijras; it’s just that they act so crass and rude. Being the Hijras, they think they can get away with everything, including extortion. This time when they came, I paid them for the first time in my life, although they have confronted me more then 4-5 times on various occasions. I paid them this time because on the occasion of Vasudha’s birthday I didn’t want to raise any bad feelings.

The Hijras are a big nuisance in our country. Whether it’s marriage, birth of a baby, purchase of a new house or starting of a new business, they arrive clapping their hands and throwing out hoarse vociferations demanding money and other gifts. If you refuse to entertain them, they create a scene, from heaping abuses upon the family to threatening to strip and curse the inhabitants. Once when I opened a new business, 5 odd Hijras arrived and demanded money. They simply entered the premises and asked for money as if it was the most natural thing to do. It was my first direct encounter with such type and naturally I was infuriated. Come might what, I said, I would not pay them. Overcoming their sense of incredulity, they started arguing and issuing all sorts of threats. Eventually they declared they would strip in front of the house and put a curse on me. Their anger subsided when I replied that it’d be interesting to watch naked Hijras and if they put curse on me, I too would put a terrible curse on them because I really knew how to put curses. I told them that my curse would make sure they were always born as the Hijras. They went away saying all sorts of unpleasant things.

After that they have come on various occasions but when the same party sees me, they easily give up. When I got married, they came when I was not at home and they managed to get a hefty sum from my parents.

Here are a few pics that we took of them recently.

The quintessential Hijra pose.

My sister Dolly, Vasudha and a Hijra.

TP getting a taste of a Hijra “godi”.

They caught ample attention of the dhobi family. TP too mingled with the crowd.

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  1. niki yokota

    wow!!! there was a documentary of Hijras in my country(japan) a year ago. glad to see their pictures. thanks a lotttt!!!
    ppl who watched it was saying that they are leading miserable lives. but wat they did to u is really obnoxious(>_