An ancient life form resurrected after 120000 years

This can be a plot for the next horror flick. After lying dormant under 2 miles of ice in Greenland, for nearly 1,20,000 years, by gradually increasing its body temperature, scientists have reawakened a bug in their laboratory, and it took them 11 months to do so. What if it is a dangerous bug and it was buried so deep by some ancient civilization to keep future generations safe? What if now they cannot control it in the lab and it starts spreading and then eventually colonizes the planet, annihilating other life forms?

After this experiment scientists think many other life forms that remain buried can be brought back to life, even on Mars.

0 thoughts on “An ancient life form resurrected after 120000 years

  1. Nilesh

    quite an imagination. looks like you are seeing quite a lot horror movies of kind of “the species” these days.