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For a couple of months I have been having strange, disturbing dreams. To understand them better I started reading “The Interpretation of Dreams” by Sigmund Freud. According to the portion I have read so far dreams mostly show whatever is happening in your life during that particular time. Another intriguing thing is that the entire sequence of a dream may be triggered by your ongoing sensory experiences. For instance, if your ears are listening to the sound of the alarm clock you may see somebody in your dream screaming or you may see something causing lots of sharp noise.

Similarly, if one of your feet is hanging in the air while the rest of your body is on your bed you may dream of hanging down a cliff, about to fall. If you have covered yourself with a blanket and one of your limbs is uncovered you may dream of being naked or exposed.

These may be valid reasons for some dreams but not all. I mean why do our dreams build entire sequences just around one physical sensation and that too when the sensation has just occurred and the dream sequence is quite lengthy? For instance, today I dreamed that Alka and I were in a building that I have never seen before. It seems like we have a row of rooms embedded inside the wall of a tunnel. Lots of activity is happening. Then I want to pee. The toilet is not inside the house. I have to get out of the room and walk to the common toilet. While I’m walking towards the toilet my main concern is that it shouldn’t be wet as my crutches slip on the wet floor. As the push the main door I observe that there is lots of water on the floor and many people with their muddy feet have used the toilet and made it very dirty. I wake up and realise I need to pee.

This incident has no resemblance with my current experiences but yes, when we used to live in Lajpat Nagar we did have a common toilet outside of the house and it was often dirty, consequently, restricting my access.

So I wonder why our subconscious weaves full-fledged plots just to cater to a single feeling.

I haven’t read much yet and I know lots of new literature on dreams is available on the Internet as well as in different books. But I would like to read Freud first because I have had the book for many years with me, although right now I am reading the PDF version. After finishing this I will do some extra research on my own. I want to know what my dreams portend.

Many years ago I read Carl Jung’s book that, although was based on his life, primarily talked about his experiences with his dreams and many of his dreams brought him predictions. Before the outbreak of the First World War his dream had already shown him the signs. Freud on the other hand — according to what I have read up till now — is mostly dealing with the scientific side of it, which I’m not interested in much. I know dreams bring you messages.

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  1. Nilesh

    i think dreams are time machine. they take us to different parallel plane/world (not measured scientifically). the person who see you there (in parallel world) may either himself is dreaming or will think that he has seen some ghost. think about it.

  2. J

    i don’t think that freud is the right person to refer to. his theories are based on his own (very highly impressionable) life experiences.

  3. J

    on that note, of late, i see a lot of you and didi in my dreams. mostly on some trip (happened 2-3 times last week). like we were in this hilly, very green place the other night .. it was very nice. it depressed in somewhat when i woke up, thinking about how happy i was in my dream .. 🙂

  4. kayla

    i’ve also been having crazy, detailed, like-reality dreams involving me, others i know, and others that i don’t know/never seen (who i know very well in the dream world) involving other countries, various situations. i remember whole cities that aren’t real, items that aren’t real, i’ve felt feelings that i’ve never felt, and i’ve met wonderful people in my dreams. i know thats crazy, but its true

  5. Franklin Beaumont

    I find dreams to be the mind’s way of sorting through your subconscious preoccupations and putting them into some semblance of order. This order tends to be in the form of a narrative, because such is life. As for literature, I think Carl Jung’s writings hold the most intrigue.

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