A herd of buffaloes, a pride of lions, and a lonely crocodile

In the Krugar National Park, South Africa. Please watch the whole video.

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175 thoughts on “A herd of buffaloes, a pride of lions, and a lonely crocodile

  1. Anish

    It was a beutiful videa, incidently I recite a story to my son regarding how a group of cow decide to fight against a wicked lion. Now, I can show him this video to realise it.

  2. ramu

    It is really too gud, i enjoyed with this a lot, I stadied a story in scooldays how a group of cow decide to fight against a wicked lion. This is really good.

  3. Srini

    A good demonstration of what a team approach could achieve.

    Thanks a ton for sharing such an amazing video.

  4. Srinath

    One of the most beautiful videos… Must watch to learn the power of togetherness.

  5. Shashank Valluru

    this video reminds me of my good old days, when I was a lion

    Shashank Valluru
    Austin, Texas

    1. nagarajan

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  6. Shuchi Arunika

    Perfect example of relativity. You never know when u are out numbered.:-D. BRILLIANT

  7. Arora

    I tried to instal Flashplayer after that also i am not able to see the video. can anyone help regarding this issue

  8. Sateesh.B.V.V.S.N

    When there is a good team there will not be any defeats.In any stream in the world .

  9. Subhajit

    Cool Yaar …wonderful Moment.

    “Survival of the fitest”

    Lot of people can Take a Lesson from this.

  10. DAYAN


  11. Nagzu

    These buffaloes r really timid!.. They dont understand their strength (eventhough they tried to some extent).
    Its interesting to observe the buffalo group flocking a lonely lion but hardly anybody “truly” attacks it.

    It would have been a treat to watch the buffaloes killing out the lion!

  12. Rohit

    Good efforts i must say a nice to way to present the essence of team work.

    Looking forward to more such good work.

    Warm regards,
    Rohit Sharma

  13. Rohit

    Hi Amrit,

    Good efforts i must say a nice to way to present the essence of team work.

    Looking forward to more such good work.

    Warm regards,
    Rohit Sharma

  14. faizur

    you have done a great job. awesome video. good keep it up. its really good boosting up video. unity in diversity.

  15. Pradeep

    Yes this was a good video …but not the first one …
    If you guys have been seeing Dicovery and Animal Planet Channel you might have seen such videos of Buffalos many times. They have shown a vidoe where Lions have been killed also by baffalos. Infact wild Baffalos come in the top 5 animals from Africa in terms of dangerous anaimals …above Lions. Baffalos got provoked very fast and they kill more humans than do Lions.

  16. Arun Andavar

    This is an awesome video. Thanks to folks who captured it. Happy to see that the calf is been rescued. Best part is though the two buffalos ran away they did come back with mass to rescue it…They do have emotional intelligence.

  17. Bhushan


  18. Prasad

    First of all thank you for this wonderful (amazing) video which shows the real team spirit and this is not just a video to enjoy, a good lesson for the human being to learn from the nature. That buffalo was attacked as he was weak, however, the stronger buffalos returned to save his life. It is the real hight of bravery.

  19. manju

    this is really awesome example for the perfect team work. baby buffello withstand the pressure of both crocodile and tigress. one should learn from it..not to give up easily. thanks a lot for posting it..

  20. JayaKrishna

    Hi friends ,

    this is a fight of the mightest animals of herbivore , carnivore and the fierceful crocodile … where the the winner was tem work ….


  21. aakashwin

    The video was amazing one can learn that unity is strength and we can observe the following.
    The patience of the lionness waiting for its prey.
    Fight your enemy with equal strength
    Keep hope even if death surounds you in all ends(young bison)

  22. Janardhan.L

    The video suggests us how to be a unity between ourselves and quickly react to it.

  23. Shaboo Thomas

    So Unmatched Video…..Nature is Awesom.
    Never seen such a Video like this before….

    “What U r is GOD’s GIFT to U, What U Become is Ur GIFT to GOD”

    “LOVE is where U Fnd it, I’ll Be there ALL Day”


  24. Anonymous

    Isn’t it like India winning independence from Britishers with non-violance team work? 🙂

  25. Sattu

    this is called as TEAM WORK……simply superb…. weak winning against the strong.

  26. sumit

    i generally do not post my responses. This video was too good and i couldn’t help replying. Nice job buddy!!!

  27. Simran

    This is tooo gud..every one should watch it…the guy who got this video is really lucky…we hardly see such even happening when we go for safari..n stuff….too gud.

  28. A S RAAJAN

    Its a grt team work either by the group of lions or by the buffallo herd. Hence be united to have a full blown cause…

  29. Rajesh Pathania

    Excellant stuff.my sincere advise to indian criket team to watch this and take care of millions of people’s emmotions.

  30. Faizal

    One has to really observe here is that how the few buffaloes initially ran and they communicated to their group and decided to come together united and teach a lesson to the lions. I think the Humans, who can speak, understand, and listen has to learn lot from these dumb animals. Atleast the people who watched this video, really understood the power of unity. Please pass on to the people who needs this most.


    Faizal, Dubai.

  31. Bri

    WOW ,coooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Bri

    I THINK U SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO I’S VERY A WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI AGAIN PEOPLES :^D

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  34. Kishore

    Great video.This just shows that however weak an individual is, as a group we can achieve even the impossible.

  35. Rick

    Wasn’t it beautiful when the mammals realized that by working together, they could save one of their own from being devoured by a lowly reptile!

  36. Purnima

    Guys r really sooooooo lucky to see such happening & got this video.patience of lionness…..unity of buffalos….. keeping hope even if death surrounds young buffalo………all gives moral.Really TTTOOOOO GOOOOOD.

  37. Rajz

    You’ve got lucky to be present there for the video capture !

    But, you’ve done good job by capturing the whole… I would have loved to see , some lion actually fallin that pond and Crocodile having a meal.

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  39. sreejith

    Amazing video! I enjoyed it…good to see how the buffaloes could win over the lions.

  40. ashraf uneen

    Nature is the open book from God Almighty, this vidio / scene is one of best chapters in it. Wonderful…Thanks for posting it.

  41. Seema negi

    Its Really Very Hart touching views !!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks to you Umesh that u sent these link to me……

  42. syam sundar

    On seeing this video we the human beings should also think of being united and save our moral rights achieve good over bad.

  43. sims


  44. Ashish

    Its not just about the teamwork from the buffalo camp !!
    You are ignoring the team work of the lions too ! They caught it at the first place and then snatched the prey back from the crocs too !
    But size does matter !

  45. Tushar

    How can I see the video? Nothing is playing. Is there any alternate way to see this?

    Thanks in advance.

  46. Subhash

    Few years back, was camping in Nakuru National Park,in Kenya. on an early morning drive came across a carcass of Zebra, thinking there may be a predator about, waited to see what happened. A Leopard came on and started to feed, and then a herd of Buffaloes about 20 in number, totally anaware of the Kill and the Cat, stumbled upon the scene. All meyhem broke about , the Buffaloes charged the Leopard, and treed it! Then stayed there for more than an hour besieging the treed leopard, which was precariously balanced on a short limb, just out of reach of the great horns. Have a few photos, of not good quality as it was around 5am and the sun was against. But this clip did evoke some memories! Thanks

  47. jaffar

    i am so happy that the little calf is survived from both the crocodile and lions..thank god

  48. Meenakshi

    It is really amazing, i dont hv words to express. Really a gud example of team work. GR8

  49. kaushal

    It is too good to be appreciated in limited words
    The vedio not only tells us about the great strength of the buffalow but their emotions, anger and the team work.
    In fact as usual animals have much to teach us.

  50. Jasmin

    The underlined message is about teamwork.
    Lions realize it and so is with buffaloes. A lonely croc couldn’t win over group of lions. A bigger group of buffaloes could shoo away the lions. Amazing. So many morals in single story. The emotional bonding with the calf, the power of buffalo who tossed away the lion… Great…Must show for all teamwork related topics.

  51. Anonymous

    I’m curious, if lions and water buffalo could talk to ech other, would lions become vegetarians?

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  53. rajendra Prasad

    Late Team work.
    Team work remain bfr something will happen.
    not by looking environments

  54. shanthi

    Couldn’t have imagined that buffaloes could stand up to lions! Not always the case of brawn power winning, i realised..
    Admirable teamwork, of course!!! Lions winning over crocs! and Buffaloes winning over lions!!!!!!!!!
    Assess how much more strong you need to be and muster that much more… So many lions to fight 2 crocs and so many more buffaloes to fight 4 lions!! Paradigm shifts.. Laws of the jungle are also subject to change!!!!

  55. ys

    koko, did you managed to view the video.
    i saw it once but now cant seem to view it at all
    if you know any other site showing this, pls share

  56. Mai

    Comment #165. Vaheguru!

    From the YouTube Video Awards, just FYI:

    Best eyewitness video was the epic “Battle at
    Kruger,” which has drawn more than 26 million
    views to its astonishing footage of a baby water
    buffalo surviving an attack by lions ­ and a
    crocodile! ­ in the African prairie. It was up
    against the news-making clip of a University of
    Florida student pleading “Don’t tase me, bro!” as
    police removed him from a John Kerry forum.

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  58. Michael Rudmin

    I see something interestingly different in this. First of all, it looks like the lions have no power over the bison unless the bison (as a group) allow it.

    Second, it is like the bison don’t just come back, but rather as if the bison hold a congress or trial, with some defending the cause of freeing the baby, and others not so sure. Perhaps they *are* unsure of whether this is a bad thing or not. But one seems to be very much in defense of the baby, and throws off a lion. Then a bunch chase the lions, while the remaining lions chew on the baby.

    Others, then, seem to discuss what more to do, and finally prod the other lions away from the baby, freeing him to go back into the central herd.

    It makes me wonder whether the youth was being tried for arrogance as a capital crime. Or whether the bison were discussing appropriate responses to each of the other lions.

    Maybe I’m just anthropomorphizing here. But maybe other social creatures do have significantly developed social structures. Maybe courts and law are not unique to humans.

  59. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Michael Rudmin ji –

    What an interesting take on this! Anthropomorphising for sure; still, very, very cool. We have no idea what goes on in the minds of beings of other species. You could be right. Who knows?

    This would make a great short story with a little dialogue added. Do you write?

    “Not only is the universe queerer than you imagine. It is queerer than you CAN imagine.” JBS Haldane, Scottish mathematician. (Please! “Queer” in the sense of “strange.”)

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