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Mob justice in Bihar

Watching a crowd of people practically killing a prisoner was shocking. They had smashed the guy’s face and the news channel had to blur that part of the body. Barbarindian says that the secular news channels over-hype every kind of big and small mob violence occurring in the non-Congress states and very conveniently overlook whatever happens in the Congress-ruled states. Although this is true it does not mitigate the gravity of the situation. I won’t jump to a conclusion and brand the people of a particular region barbaric and subhuman; this is all an indication of utter lawlessness in the country. Such incidents of mob justice happen because people

  • don’t have faith in the law of the land
  • don’t have fear of the law of the land

This is not a Bihar-specific problem; mobs are running amok all over the country. See what is happening in Maharashtra where people are being threatened by goons and the police is claiming totally contradictory facts. Even in Delhi people openly flaunt laws and then brag about their deeds to their friends and family.

Such acts also manifest a deep sense of frustration and anger against the state of affairs. Very rarely things are right for the common man. Even affording food is becoming uphill by the day. This is all due to corruption. I read in the newspaper that although India is an agriculture-based economy, most of the food we eat is being imported. Our very own production rots in the go-downs. When there is no electricity, no food, no shelter, no health, no education, no clean drinking water, no justice and opportunity, and no means to live a decent life it comes out as mad anger, bordering savagery.

Raj Thackeray

The problem of Raj Thackeray is not social it is political. As Alok mentioned in the comment section of a previous post that it is all being done to break the Shiv Sena and the greatest beneficiary of this anti-north Indian wave is going to be Sharad Pawar because his is the only party who has little stake currently. If the Shiv Sena keeps mum Raj Thackeray will become the hero of the Marathi population. If it joins cause with him it will have to antagonize the BJP because the BJP understandably has national aspirations. If the Congress supports Raj Thackeray it will help to bear the consequences all over India and if it tries to lock horns with him it antagonizes the Marathi votes. Actually it has become a political comedy (with due respect and sympathy to the people who are the targets).

Had the government been really serious about finding a solution it would have quietly dispatched this socio-political villain to some undisclosed location and would have kept him there for a few months until things had cooled down. But then who wants that?

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  2. abhishek

    Amrit hi,
    The violence which we get to see is not extraordinary. Earlier the same mob did not get the coverage which we get to see now. I have lived in the interiors and such instances are very common.Policing and even worse governance only help in carrying the process forward.
    The guys who form the mob are violent in their households as well. It is very rare to find Indians who have not been thrashed by their parents, teachers or siblings.The much abhorred violence is ingrained in our culture, where beating and canning are considered as blessings from the elders. It is an unwritten code of conduct that to get the scolding from anyone senior or elder is a sign of love and care.How can one expect the society to be free of violence when our very foundation reveres it and perpetuates it.
    I might sound lunatic or crazy, but the individual forms the society and we as individuals are far more violent in our day to day lives than the ones shown on the television.

  3. Amrit Post author

    Hi Abhishek.

    I totally agree with you. As a society we are much more violent compared to other regions and this is may be because life is too cheap here. for example, go outside in the morning and just see how people put their children’s lives in danger by sending them school in overloaded auto rickshaws and vans.

    The visual violence disturbs you more than the one you read about in newspapers and magazines. The whole sequence was disturbing especially the part where a man was beating another man lying on the ground, with a brick.

    But then, I think, given a chance every society nurtures the dark streaks of violence. The whites in America perpetrated mind-boggling atrocities upon the blacks. We all know about the Nazis who originated from Europe. See what happens in Haiti, Iraq, Bali, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. So in various avatars violence is everywhere.