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  1. jaggu

    owww!! it’s so, so, so cute. but what if the baby hates it when it grows up. hmmm … getting a tattoo completely proves that it’s all in the mind. the guy who made mine told me that he practices on potatoes … really thin skin and all. so it’s not like it’s a deep cut/drill/wound or something. it’s very superficial, and very bearable, and i believe pretty doable on babies this age as it’s really easy to distract them and keep working ..

  2. Liz

    They probably drew it on. Just to see what conclusions people like you will jump to. Not for nothing though, whoever did it is certainly talented.

  3. Jessie

    It’s not photoshopped. It’s henna. Henna is a plant from India that dyes hair, skin, items, etc. Many east Indian women wear it on their hands during festivals such as a wedding. I’ve had it done several times, and I use it as a personal hair dye. It’s basically a powder that can be made into paste by mixing with water (or you can just by the paste in a squeeze tube). Then, you can squeeze it through a thin-tip nozzle to create designs. The paste quickly dries and hardens and cracks off the skin. It leaves a dyed trail of colour wherever it had been. It lasts for a week to a couple of weeks.

  4. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Henna. Hmmmm. Looks like it could be henna all right.

    Except…was baby sedated? Babies are the squirmiest things on earth. Delightful, but squirmy.

    How did they hold her/him still? How long would a skilled henna painter take? I’ve had my hands – and feet, too – painted, but I don’t remember how long it took.

  5. meg

    if you watch the extras on some movies like triple x (i think that was it i could be wrong) it shows you how they do fake tattoos that look real but its not henna

  6. Mai

    This blog has many interesting, compelling, beautifully written, even important posts. What does it say that the post that draws comments is about a tattooed baby? (Including three by me – I plead guilty, too.)

  7. Amrit Post author

    Mai, the interesting thing is, the 4 most commented upon posts so far on this blog are:

    the one showing fight between buffaloes and lions

    my post on the ’84 riots

    the post on the Jhanvi Kapoor fiasco

    and this tattooed baby


  8. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Remembering and re-examing thosde posts:

    the buffalo-lion brawl is very entertaining and interesting (although I, of couse, have a weakness for lions),

    the whole Jhavni Kapoor thing is Bollywood nonsense,

    the ’84 riots post is important and beautifully written,


    this tattooed baby…I dunno


  9. Teddy

    I’m saying its photoshopped…
    Henna should be more 3D no? I leaves like a bit of a lump on the lines?
    it could be drawed though… I know babies are squirmy, so if it was done, the baby was probably sleeping

    and Tattoos do hurt, no matter how advance the tool, so I dont think any parent would do this to a baby in real life…

  10. ella

    I really don’t think it would be leagal to tattoo a baby like that.
    But I think it is probably photoshopped.

  11. jackie

    thats so fucked up the parents are foucking assholes…fouckin freaks hu will do that to a cute lil baby….bitches

  12. kia

    why did you guys decided to put a tatto toyobaby huh?……….O.o…that must of been a decision rite……ARE YOU A SINGLE DAD?……..i wanna know…man i wonder its real ……….or fake…….hmmmm ok. Man poor baby anyways TC of himm cee ya

  13. kia

    why did you guys decided to put a tatto to yo baby huh?……….O.o…that must of been a decision rite……ARE YOU A SINGLE DAD?……..i wanna know…man i wonder is it real ……….or fake…….hmmmm ok. Man poor baby anyways TC of himm see ya

  14. Nicole

    Ich glaube nicht, dass dieses Baby tattooviert wurde. Außer die Eltern sind irgenwelche Psychos!!!

  15. George Bush

    that is a really cool tattoo…i wanna have sex with him andsuck his dick right now…ha ha ha ha!

  16. kelly

    some pple are very sick like the last George Bush that commented on here, as for that baby if that tat is real its against the law for one and it is torture for another eather way, do your are work on an adult.

  17. idiots

    its not real!! any one who has commented about ‘ooow this must have hurt the baby’ or ‘i’m so angry, how can the parents do this?’… you guys are stupid! PHOTOSHOP PEOPLE!!! look at the image and use your common sense!! kids don’t get tattoos and parents (no matter how dumb they are) wouldn’t tattoo their own child!

    1. Hawaiian

      ugh ya u dont know that, speak for yourself cuz theres some really stupid ppl out there! but ya i get it! obviously its phot shopped. cant be henna, the baby wouldnt of been able to stay so still for so long!

  18. Kel

    I am hoping beyond hope that this isn’t real. That’s child abuse.

    I’m glad that it’s most likely photoshopped.

  19. holly

    this is disgusting and how much would it hurt the baby you obviously have no self respect for you or your baby you need to grow up and why the fuck would you put a picture of your baby on the internet anyway. your pathetic and ridiculous even if it is photoshopped.

  20. Me

    I was going to comment about how skilled the hand must have been to make, what looks most like to me, a bitchin’ henna design.. But, i got caught-up reading the gobfull of comments from people who appear to be either, mentally handicap or simply have the literacy skills of primary schoolers (after a long, hard, week of binge drinking of course). Worse yet, is everyone who jumped to hasty conclusions and then felt passionately compelled to preach them as if they had the facts and gave a real shit for the matter instead of projecting their hostilities over such trivialities. I’d be less depressed to find out that this baby’s tattoos are real, than to have it confirmed that the good majority here are in fact this asinine. *sigh*

  21. annamae

    this is the creepiest shit i have ever seen. why would you do that to your child?!?!?! that is the one person on earth, which YOU bring into this world, that you are suposed to have nothing but the best interest at heart for. You shouldnt even have to think about some shit like that to do to your INFANT, you should just KNOW it is not right. You are truly sick parents for that and karma gone take a chunk out your ass.

  22. megan

    god, there sure are MANY idiots in the world who so easily jump to the wrong conclusions! i dont believe it would be legal to do that to ur baby. someone would see and ud get it taken off u. and anyway, what tattoo person would agree to do that? ever heard of PHOTOSHOP peoples!! so easy to do… they most likely just did it as a joke to see peoples crazy reactions. u hav to admit, the ones that beleive its real and say stuff like “this is sick” and “how could the parents do that to their kid?” are pretty gullible and pretty freakin hilarious!

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  24. Lex

    Hmmm…as the baby grows, more skin cells are produced correct? If it was real wouldn’t it just get REALLY messed up over time?

  25. Anonymous

    people. calm your souls. it is fake. my dad use to do things like that to me all the time, if you do any kind of fake tattoo then put some baby powder over it, it makes it look like it has been there for a while and it’s part of your skin.

  26. Sandra

    Abviously its fake, honesty only someone stupid would think its real. wait are you American that could explain the lack of education lol Fake fake probably henna or a temp seriously people!

  27. ceri

    lol so many funny reactions its quite obviously fake and anyone is silly to think otherwise, but must admit a good tattoo. and as for that george bush person on here u are a sick mutha fuck and hope u go to hell!

    1. hectikk

      dam you really need a sens of humer if you think it disgusting then why are you lookin at it go to an othere web sit lmao

  28. Hayley

    God, chill out. Its obviously to prove a point – your not born with tattoos, so don’t mess around with yourself..

  29. karley

    wow thats disgustin!
    fake or not..
    yeah i get the point, your born with them
    but if you enjoy art, and you like tattoos i dont see why people cant put get them on their body with out people trying to prove points that its wrong to put them on ur body?
    I have 3 tattoos, and I dont see anything wrong with them.!

  30. hectikk

    hey i really think that it lookes like to me that people dont have a sens of humer i really think it lookes cute ??? lmao

  31. sarah 14 ple

    iya. a hink its hinda kute but aslong as its fake coz if it aint its disgusting mann the thought of a mother or father doing tht to there kids is outragouse xxxxxxx georgus baby though hes soooo cutexxx

  32. Sara

    I thought this was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, & of course it’s not real you idiots I can’t believe you even question it. Tattoo artists wouldn’t even tattoo a baby. It’s arms are gonna grow & it would stretch if it were real, & not to mention, once again, it’s not real. It’s probably just the parents showing their interests through their child. Maybe henna? Kind of like dressing them in army gear when their father’s in the military? God, people are just looking for reasons to be jacked off I swear.

  33. Margie11320

    Well of course it is fake did anyone think that you can buy stick on tattoo’s for like $5 i don’t think it is that cute!!

  34. Tiffcastillo10

    Just for you inexperienced tattoo critics, if you look closely at the color of the ink and compare it to a picture of a REAL black and white tat, the color on this baby is inconsistent with it being real. Honesly its either Henna or washable body paint.

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